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Why put it off any longer? Our skilled and trustworthy staff has over 18 years of expertise and the necessary tools to safely and efficiently remove your stump. You’ll be glad to know that your yard is free of stumps.

Our Long Island based company provides a broad range of other useful outdoor services, including tree removal and tree pruning, as well as lot clearing. Please contact us right away to learn more about this and for a free quote.

Having a tree stump in your yard is problematic.

Stumps are a tripping hazard that decay and attract wood-destroying pests over time. Removing it on your own, however, might be difficult and time-consuming.

Give RP Trees & More a call if you’re searching for a more effective option for tree services in Patchogue, NY. Our licensed and insured business provides prompt stump removal at a fair cost. Allow us to simplify the procedure for you by avoiding the trouble!

Stump Grinding Needs For Every Situation

If you’ve recently had a tree removed from your Long Island property or have a stump that has been on your property for years, the last thing you probably want to do is spend even more time thinking about it. However, removing a tree stump is an essential final step in the process of clearing your yard. Stumps can be challenging depending on their location and can be a safety hazard for kids and pets.

What to Look for in our Tree Stump Removal Service?

There are lots of factors to consider when hiring us as a tree stump removal service, but there are a few that are particularly important.

Quality of Service – No matter where you’re located or what type of trees you have, we can handle any size job. RP Trees & More has experience removing stumps of all sizes and in all types of environments.

Cost – While we can certainly handle any size job, we want you to be sure that provide top-tier service at an affordable price.

Reputation – You can find out a lot about a service by researching our reputation online. Reviews are one of the best ways to get a real-world glimpse into the type of service RP Trees provides. We hope once we have completed your job, you’ll provide us a review for our great service.

Company Culture – Hiring a company with a good company culture can make all the difference. RP Trees treats our customers well, is responsive, and puts the needs of our clients first.

How Much Does It Cost to Remove a Tree Stump on Long Island?

As with any service, the cost of removing a tree stump will vary depending on where you live and the conditions at hand. The size and location of the stump, will determine how much it costs to remove. You can get FREE estimate and we’ll walk you through our process.

Free Tree Stump Removal & Grinding Estimates

RP Trees & More would gladly come to your home or business to discuss all the options in regards to removing tree stumps on your property.  Call us at (631) 334-5394 or find our Long Island tree stump removal company on Google.

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